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★ Age: 21

★ Pronouns: she/her

★ Zodiac sign: Libra


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Hi stranger, thank you for being here. As it says on the main page, my name is Cypher, or Star, or my real name if you know me. I've been roaming the indie web for a long time, and this is a space for me to keep track of all of it. I've grown tired of the social dynamics inherent in social media platforms, so this is also an attempt to distance myself from that part of the internet while still being able to explore my love for the web. I love meeting new people and sharing my interests with them, as well as learning new stuff, so feel free to interact with me at anytime. I'm a pretty open person once you get to know me. Of course there is a lot of personal information scattered all across this site and my media junkyard, but I can only hope that those of you curious enough to read this are also sensitive enough to not hold any of this against me.

Other than that, I think it's worth mentioning that I'm an aspiring writer, I have always been. You may find some of my work (maybe hidden) here.

Should you want you to contact me, this is my email.

What others are saying

She has a big pair of boobs and an attitude, what's not to like? - A, someone who is definitely not into girl boobs

I think you are lovely - M, a person I love a lot

Very disarming, almost makes up for how aloof she is - C, the only one there is

A complex soul full of easy words - E, whatever that means

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